1st traineeship from Turkey 

The Department of Didactic of Science, Psychology and Pedagogy actively participates in the ERASMUS+ programme in 2022. The Comenius University and our Department were chosen for a three-month traineeship Erasmus+ by two doctoral students,  from the University of Trabzone (TRU) in Turkey.

Research Assistant

Both work on the Institute of Graduate / Science Education (PhD Program)
Onurhan and Ebru– are PhD students in the Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Their scientific work focuses on the areas of:


Science EducationMain Area
Teacher EducationMain Area
Professional Development in Science EducationMain Area
Systems Thinking Science EducationPhD Topic
Environmental EducationMs Topic


Science EducationMain Area
Teacher EducationMain Area
Professional Development in Science EducationMain Area
Technological Pedagogical Content KnowledgePhD Topic
Peer Tutoring in Science EducationMs Topic

The programme of traineeship was discussed on both sides and focused on the development of pedagogical and scientific work as well as on the fulfilment of specific tasks and getting to know the culture and history of Slovakia.
Doctoral students arrived in Slovakia on 1st March 2022 and worked at the Department from 2nd.March 2022 to 25th May 2022. The supervisor of both doctoral students and their study programme was doc. RNDr. Beáta Brestenská, PhD. An interesting and kind surprise of the traineeship was their 10-month-old son Kadirhan, who became the “sunshine” of the traineeship and was an incredibly calm, smiling and curious observer of life in the department.

The traineeship focused on:

Knowledge, skills and competences: 
Traineeship Program 

  • To get familiar with academic life at Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, and Department of Didactics of Natural Sciences, Pedagogy and Psychology, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (in March) 
  • Active participation in lectures, seminars and laboratories of profile subjects in the teacher study program (as well as compulsory-optional and optional subjects) (3 months) 
  • Visit of training primary or secondary schools, where our students perform their pedagogical practice in order to get insight into real teaching process at school (in March, April) 
  • Workshop – once month at Dept. with the aim to discuss topics concerning methods and tools used in Teacher Training at our University 
  • Seminar at the Dept., where the participant will present the education system in Turkey in general and then the teacher training at Trabzon University (March 2022)
  • Seminar (at the end of the Traineeship), where the participant will presents the specific contribution of the ERASMUS+ training program for his and her professional growth (in May) 
  • Active cooperation in the research project STEM – (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) (April, May) 
  • Study of literature about STEM- Stem implementation in Education system worldwide. 
  • Getting to know cultural habits and customs of Slovakia (history, concerts, trips, meals and other)

Tasks of the trainee

  • Creating two Presentations for two Dept. seminars 
  • Preparing questions and problems for Dept. workshops 
  • Traineeship documentation (text, photo, video, website, FB,…) 
  • Prepare, in cooperation with the members of the Department, a specific analysis of the objectives of teaching science subjects in connection with the cognitive processes of learning of the pupil according to RBT in Slovak and Turkish primary schools. From the data obtained prepare and publish a joint article by September 2022 
  • Select topics for the preparation and implementation of joint research using STEM strategy

All colleagues in the department were open and accommodating to doctoral students, who could not only come and see a particular process of teaching future teachers, but also actively discuss with students and teachers. We have also prepared visits to specific schools for them: the Join School Tilgnerova ul. and gymnasium Vazovova ul. Where they saw the life of the school and specific Science lessons in English and could talk with teachers about education in Slovakia. Both Onurhan and Ebra highly rated this possibility of actively participating in the teaching process and in the preparation of future teachers in our department.
The outputs from the scientific seminars have been discussed by department staff and are available at this: link

The traineeship was beneficial for both doctoral students from TRU and our Department, because it opened new possibilities of cooperation in the research and pedagogical field. Both doctoral students fulfilled all the planned tasks and brought a lot of new information from the educational process in Turkey, as well as new directions of research work, which they presented in their elaborate dissertations. The scientific seminars (Figure 1 and Figure 2) where they spoke were enriching and not only prompted questions for discussion, but also indicated possible directions for further professional cooperation.

Figure 1. Scientific seminar 1

Figure 2. Scientific seminar 2

Getting to know of culture and history in Slovakia and its surroundings, colleagues from the Department prepared for trainee trips to Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle, Red Stone Castle, a visit to the Roman settlement of Carnuntum in Austria, a guide trip around Bratislava and finally a weekend stay in Prague. From the traineeship was created lot of photo and video documentation.
Here are just a few motivational photos. For more photo and video documentation from the traineeship, see:

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